ArcESB Case Study

Tangentia | ArcESB Case Study
  • Tangentia | ArcESB Case Study
    Tangentia | ArcESB Case Study

    Tangentia managed services for successful ArcESB migration

Since 2003, Tangentia has been a leading provider of digital transformation solutions to companies of all sizes, implementing wide-scale automation, B2B, and digital integration solutions. Among their solutions, Tangentia provides end-to-end EDI integration services, spanning B2B/EDI document exchange as well as backend ERP, WMS, Carrier System, and database integration.

With 15+ years of digital transformation experience under their belt, Tangentia has helped companies automate supply chains and streamline business activity to boost productivity, efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and security.

The Challenge:

Upgrade internal legacy technology to solve internal pain points, reduce complexities and provide customers with a more agile Tangentia Gateway SaaS cloud solution

For years, Tangentia has used IBM’s Sterling B2B Integrator to implement end-to-end integrations for clients, processing up to 2,000,000 EDI transactions per month. However, they discovered that Sterling B2B Integrator in some use cases restricted the breadth of the solutions they could offer to clients. Some of the limitations included:

  • Limited error logging meant Tangentia required a dedicated team to exclusively monitor transactions, making it resource-intensive to operate & maintain.
  • The lack of a REST API limited Tangentia’s integration flexibility and management efficiency.
  • Limited workflow capabilities forced Tangentia to develop custom C# and Python scripts to handle EDI processes.
  • Complex user interface making it time-consuming to set up new maps/connections and troubleshoot EDI issues

Tangentia decided to search for a solution that matched the processing power and scalability of Sterling while also addressing their existing pain points and providing more expansive opportunities for integrating with 3rd-party applications. Most importantly, their desired solution needed a tool that could accelerate the process of migrating away from Sterling to keep the transition overhead low.

The Solution:

ArcESB and the Maps Import Wizard

As a global digital transformation solutions provider with a widespread clientele amongst hundreds of companies, Tangentia required a sophisticated solution with the following features:

  • Robust managed file transfer capabilities with Drummond-Certified AS2, SFTP Server, and other file transfer protocol support
  • Automatic EDI translation for ANSI X12 and EDIFACT files
  • Reliable ERP, CRM, and RDBMS connectivity from within the user interface
  • API functionality to issue REST and SOAP requests
  • Detailed logging & error identification processes
  • Scalability to handle high-volume transactions
  • Intuitive EDI mapping features and time-saving UI
  • Reliable and responsive support

In ArcESB, Tangentia found a solution that exceeded their expectations for an enterprise integration platform. Not only did ArcESB meet their requirements, but it also alleviated many of the pain points that had limited their management efficiency:

“ArcESB supports web services that allow us to directly interact with databases which used to be our major limitation with IBM Sterling” said Rushabh Dharwadkar, B2B Technical Lead, Tangentia. “Another ArcESB feature that we highly value is its extensive error logging. We used to dedicate a team of seven people just for error monitoring and monitoring transactions previously.”

Seeking to avoid a costly transition period, Tangentia leveraged the ArcESB Maps Import Wizard to begin their quick and automatic migration process:

“We were able to reduce the number of maps we use throughout our projects by more than 50%. That was extremely beneficial, as it translated to fewer errors, and even easier error identification, which was a considerable sticking point for us on our old platform.”

The Results:

11 Migrations in 4 Months

At the time of writing, Tangentia has implemented ArcESB for 11 of their clients over a duration of four months — easily outpacing their expected timelines.

“Typically, our IBM Sterling implementations take four to five months, which is a major challenge for a lot of our customers who need to be EDI compliant as soon as possible. With ArcESB, we were able to migrate all 11 existing projects in just about four months, and new clients take less than two months to onboard,” Dharwadkar said.

ArcESB has also boosted Tangentia’s bottom line by automating error monitoring, allowing their engineers to focus on value-added digital transformation projects.

Perhaps most importantly, ArcESB has enabled Tangentia to offer end-to-end EDI integrations on a unified platform — while cutting EDI costs for their customers and passing on the savings. ArcESB’s affordable unlimited EDI license enabled unlimited EDI processing at a fraction of the cost.

Moving Forward: A Growing Partnership between Tangentia and ArcESB

Tangentia Gateway SaaS Portal powered by ArcESB

Tangentia and ArcESB both look to embrace the momentum and substantially set up more clients on their latest ArcESB powered Tangentia Gateway. The push towards streamlining their EDI management enhances Tangentia's ability to continue providing market-leading digital transformation solutions. Nonesuch offerings are more exciting than the new improved Generation 3 Tangentia Gateway SaaS Cloud EDI offering

“Tangentia Gateway in its latest Gen 3 release allows business users at their organization as well as their vendors and their customers to easily interact with their EDI documents without the need for specialized EDI skills. We’re now processing more than 2,000,000 files per month and continue to scale as we add customers globally” says Karen Briones, Customers Success Manager at Tangentia”

ArcESB stand-alone EDI solution configured, managed, and hosted by Tangentia

Tangentia not only uses ArcESB in their Tangentia Gateway SaaS Cloud offering but offers to resell, consulting, migration, and managed services offering for ArcESB to customers that manage their own EDI infrastructure internally.

One of Canada’s favorite ice cream manufacturers recently moved their EDI to ArcESB solution which was migrated and managed entirely by the Tangentia EDI team. The Tangentia EDI consulting team can migrate your existing EDI maps and connections from any legacy platform to ArcESB, and can be entirely managed or hosted by Tangentia.

If you’re looking for an affordable, scalable, and easy to implement EDI solution, contact Tangentia and experience the difference that a customer-focused Canadian-based team can provide. Contact:

North America

Karen Briones
EDI Customer Success Manager at Tangentia North America


Rajhans Gupta
Enterprise Account Manager at Tangentia India

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